Hi! I'm Riff! is a Barney Home Video/Barney Clip Show that was released on May 6, 2008.

Plot Edit

Riff wants to start a club, but he doesn't know what type. So, Barney and his friends give him some ideas on different kinds of clubs they would like. Riff finally makes the decision to start a "Best Friends Club", where he and his friends can do whatever they would like!

Educational Theme: Different Kinds of Clubs

Cast Edit

New Content Cast Edit

Additional Cast Edit

Additional Costume Performances Edit

Songs Edit

  1. It's a Fun, Fun Sunny Day!
  2. A-Camping We Will Go! (Scene Taken from: "Separation (2006)")
  3. The Having Fun Song (Scene Taken from: "Separation (2006)")
  4. The Duckies Do (Scene Taken from: "Ducks and Fish (2006)")
  5. Why Can't I? (Scene Taken from: "Full Team Ahead (2007)")
  6. Best of Friends (Scene Taken from: "Full Team Ahead (2007)")
  7. The Baby Bop Hop (Scene Taken from: "Things I Can Do (2006)")
  8. Kenyan Dance (Scene Taken from: "Kenya (2006)")
  9. The Dino Dance (Scene Taken from: "Arts (2006)")
  10. Hey, Look at Me! I Can Fly! (Scene Taken from: "Dream Big (2007)")
  11. How Does This Thing Work? (Scene Taken from: "Airplanes (2006)")
  12. Thinkety Think (Scene Taken from: "Get Happy! (2007)")
  13. The Rocket Song (Scene Taken from: "Dream Big (2007)")
  14. We Are Little Robots (Scene Taken from: "Litterbot (2007)")
  15. Laugh With Me! (Scene Taken from: "Get Happy! (2007)")
  16. You Can Make Music with Anything (Scene Taken from: "Special Skills (2006)")
  17. I Hear Music Everywhere (Scene Taken from: "Beethoven's Hear! (2007)")
  18. Being Together
  19. I Love You

Musical Director Edit

End Credit Music Edit

  1. I Hear Music Everywhere

Trivia Edit

Release Dates Edit

North American Edit

  • May 6, 2008 (HIT Entertainment print/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment print/Barney Home Video print) (celebrating "Barney's 20th Anniversary")

Separate Spanish Edit

Re-Release Dates Edit

North American Edit

  • 2009 ()
  • 2011 (as a part of the "Learn with Us" series) ()
  •  ??? (Lyrick Studios print/HIT Entertainment print/Mattel print/9 Story Media Group print/Universal Pictures Home Entertainment print/Dino-Mite Entertainment print/The Lyons Group print/Barney Home Video print)

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