Barney's Big Adventures (1998) Edit

Barney in Outer Space (April 18, 1998)

It's Time For Counting: (Feburary 14, 1998)

Barney's Big Surprise (June 17, 1998)

Traveling Around the World with Barney (October 2, 1998)

Barney's Favorite Hits (2018) Edit

Cast Edit

Barney's Voice - Dean Wendt

Barney's Costume - Carey Stinson

Baby Bop's Voice - Julie Johnson

Baby Bop's Costume - Jeff Ayers and Jennifer Kendall

BJ's Voice - Patty Wirtz

BJ's Costume - Kyle Nelson

Riff's Voice - Michaela Dietz

Riff 's Costume - Adam Brown

Mickey Mouse - Bret Iwan

Paula Abdul as Special Guest Star

Additonal Cast Edit

Barney's Voice - Bob West, Duncan Brannan, Tim Dever

Barney's Costume - David Voss, David Joyner, Josh Martin, Maurice Scott, Antwaun Steele, Patrick Mcalister, Rick Starkweather

Baby Bop's Costume - Dao Knight, Jenny Demspey, Jennifer Romano, Lee Clark, Jeff Brooks, Jennifer Gibel, Jill Nelson, Jennifer Barlean, Matthew N.Myers, Mitzi Evans, Lauren Mayeux

BJ's Costume - Jenny Demspey, Jeff Brooks, Adam Brown, Pat O'Connell, Charles L.Shaw, Jerad Harris, Dave Kendall

Riff's Costume - Jeff Ayers, Jerad Harris

Scooter McNutty - Todd Duffey

Ms Etta Kette - Bruce Armstrong

Booker T.Bookworm - Earl Fisher

and More